Do Early Pregnancy Tests Really Work

Early Pregnancy Test

Opt for the Best Pregnancy Clinic

The ultimate objective of the sequence of early pregnancy tests is to confirm your pregnancy and help you to enter the most beautiful phase of your life. Now days the pregnancy test kits are readily available at a chemist shop which enables you to reveal the fact that whether you are expecting a cute infant or not. The basic symbol of pregnancy is the missing of a single or multiple monthly periods which further requires an immediate early pregnancy test. It is a matter of keen observation that a woman comes to know about her pregnancy without the use of pregnancy tests during her second or third pregnancy due to her experience in the first one. It has been a hot issue of discussion that whether the prevailing conditions in each pregnancy of a single woman are the same or not. The answer to this question can vary depending upon the condition of the pregnant women. Sometimes the simple complications faced during first pregnancy can be eliminated on their own during the subsequent pregnancies.

Detection Pregnancy Tests

The detection pregnancy tests are a primary step towards the confirmation of your pregnancy. These tests do not only helps in the confirmation process but also reveals some basic information about the infant to the mothers. Fortunately such pregnancy tests can also be carried out at home with the help of your urine sample. The pregnancy strips which are readily available at a chemist shop determine the amount of HCG in your body with the help of your urine sample. This test can either result into a positive one or a negative pregnancy test following the below mentioned conditions:

• Positive Pregnancy Test

This early pregnancy tests is termed as positive when the amount of HCG in your body is in the diluted form.

• Negative Pregnancy Test

As mentioned above, in early stages of pregnancy the HCG gets diluted which can be measured from the urine sample. But if the HCG is still in the concentrated form, it results into a negative pregnancy test.

Reliability of Home Pregnancy Tests

The pregnancy tests which are taken at home by using a pregnancy test kit are 99% reliable. Surveys have revealed that out of every 10,000 women 70% opt for the early pregnancy tests at home and majority of the results are authentic. In order to get the best out of a pregnancy test kit, it should be equipped properly and as per the given instructions.

The Next Step – Opt for the Best Pregnancy Clinic!

After an early pregnancy test, the health experts recommend to visit a professional medical gynecologist in order to gain further authenticity by a series of blood tests. It is recommended that you opt for the best pregnancy clinic for further medications after seeking an advice from your doctor.

Due Date

The reports gained as a result of the above mentioned tests draw further conclusions to estimate your delivery due date. This means that you will have an idea of the date when your baby will enter a new world. A normal pregnancy has duration of 280 days but it can vary in different cases and as per the prevailing conditions. The method of calculating your due date is to add 280 days in the date of your last menstrual period. However, doctors usually add to this description that the actual due date can also occur a week earlier or later than the estimated one.

A good pregnancy clinic uses modern equipments and advanced ultrasound machines to monitor the movements and developmental stages of your baby. They guide you about the external and internal changes taking place within you, due to a series of hormonal changes. Your counselors also advice you to increase the intake of vitamins and provides you with specialized folic acid, several multivitamins, nutrient rich diet plan and iron etc. Thus, it can be concluded that your optimal selection of counselors makes a huge difference as far as the proper monitoring of your baby’s growth and development is concerned.

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